SAST Swimmers Josh Mitchell & Katie Robertson who qualified for the Scottish Youth Development Squad attend the training camp in Aberdeen over the weekend. Included were some presentations on Nutrition from Scottish Swimming.  Notes from these presentations can now be found on the website ( in Squads / Swimmer Resources) for others to view. click below to view.

Winter League & North Ayrshire Dev Meet Results

  • Thank you to all that have confirmed if they can or can not attend the Winter League. The following swimmers have still to respond. Please respond by the 28th September, although earlier is very much appreciated.
  • Sophie Cameron, Caitlin Duffy, Michelle Hoffin, Megan Niven, Karen Reid, Kyra Reid, Harris Ritchie, Kieran Brand, Graham Brown & Ryan Hillier.
  • Click here for Winter League 2014 – Team Selection & full info.


41 swimmers competed in a total of 152 swims and recorded 129 personal best times which included 21 swims being first time events. 21 SAST swims received “too fast” certificates to top off a fantastic weekend of swimming. It was good to see that the majority of the team was made up of Development Squad swimmers gaining that early experience with a small number at their first ever meet. Well done to all those who competed. click  for the  North Ayrshire Development Meet results list which shows the SAST swimmers results. Unfortunately the too fasts are included in the top positions and so the final places can be different to what were achieved. The far right column shows how much swimmers improved on their previous best times.


The next Time Trial will be held on Monday 29th September for Development, Junior & Junior+ Squads and will be 100 Breaststroke & 100 Freestyle. Youth Squad can train with Masters 9:00-9:45pm at the Citadel after the Time Trials. Click here for 2014-2015 Time Trial Dates & Info.

The SAST Calendar has been updated with changes to two time trial dates (avoiding holiday weekends), Cumbernauld Open Meet & Schools Championships (TBC). Click for 2014-2015 Calendar-updated September 2014. Please note that the calendar is not complete due to some competition dates not yet released for 2015.


The following swimmers have been selected to compete for SAST in the Clyde Coast Winter League on Saturday 4th October. Click for the Winter League 2014 – Team Selection and full details on how to confirm your attendance. (ages are at the 31st December 2014)

GIRLS                                               BOYS
Cameron, Sophie (12)             Brand, Kieran (16)
Craig, Stephanie (12)               Brown, Graham (19)
Duffy, Caitlin (14)                     Collier, Fraser (13)
Gordon, Beth (13)                     Erentz, Ross (11)
Grieve, Lucy (10)                        Faulkner, Richard (16)
Hoffin, Michelle (16)                Gordon, Matthew (11)
Lennox, Sophie (10)                   Hillier, Ryan (10)
McCormick, Victoria (11)       Illingworth, Marshall (14)
Niven, Megan (14)                      McKinnon, Douglas (10)
Reid, Karen (16)                           McKinnon, Jack (10)
Reid, Kyra (10)                              Moore, Sam (10)
Ritchie, Harris (16)                     Morrison, Ryan (12)
Robertson, Erin (15)                  Muir, Cameron (15)
Robertson, Katie (13)               Smillie, Oscar (12)
Smillie, Brooke (10)                   Sommerville, Dylan (13)
Young, Hannah (12)

Competition Updates – North Ayrshire Development Meet & Scottish National Team Championships

  • Selected Swimmers
  • GIRLS                             BOYS
    Duffy, Caitlin             Brand, Kieran
    Gordon, Beth             Faulkner, Richard
    Hoffin, Michelle       Mitchell, Josh
    Reid, Karen                 Muir, Cameron
    Ritchie, Harris           Smith, Patrick
    Robertson, Erin        Sommerville, Jack
    Robertson, Katie
  • Click for : National Team Championships – Team Selection & Info. Please confirm your intention to swim (see info).



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